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Shopping Guide




Time of delivery:

If your order arrives till 10.00 am. your order will be given up in that day. The delivery will be on the next working day. The transport company, which we working with(Trans O Flex Ltd), 96% sure the orders will be delivered in 24 hours to the given address.
Please when you give your data, give a telephone number which you regularly use. The transport company also register your telephone number. The deliverer  call you only if no one is at the given address.
Of course, the privacy of data, is confidential!

Delivery charges:

You have two payment options: with c.o.d.(cash on delivery) or with advance bank transfer. With both payment methods, the price of one box is 1000 Ft+ VAT= 1270 Ft/gross
Over 30,000Ft the delivery is FREE!





Shopping Guide

1.    Shopping
  Next to the product you can type in the quantity you would like to order.
  In the top right corner the system automatically adds the price of the products which you select.
    If you would like to continue your purchase later (only for those you are registered) You can find your selected items in the basket next time you will enter to the site. The items only disappear from the basket only with delete.
2. Finalizing the order
    If you have finished your order, click to the "Megrendelés véglegesítése" (“Finalizing the order”)
    Then you will see the content of your basket, where you can make changes.
    You can see under the basket: "Személyes adatok" (“Personal data”), where you can give your personal data which are necessary for purchasing. The system will memorize your data for the next buying.  
    Then you select the method of paying.  With the already existing wholesale partners the paying method is the agreed. But our wholesale partners also have to choose among the paying methods (only for formalities), otherwise the system will not let the purchasing continue.
   If the shipping address is different from the billing address here you can note. If you have any special comments, you can also note here.
    After recording data click to the "Véglegesítés" („Confirm”) button.
    If you find everything right, click to  "Megrendelés elküldése" („Sending order”) button.

If you have any questions, please contact with us in the above availability !





For wholesalers






Distribution Terms

Those resellers can buy in our online shop who:
-    have company and business license
-    have existing premises
-    have an operating license.

The copy of these documents are needed if you would like to be distributor

Post: Szolnok 5008 Hasznos István str. 6.
Via e-mail: raktar@rattan24.hu
Fax: +3656/210-052

Furthermore, the below form must be filled in that includes the administration, which can be downloaded at the „Viszonteladói űrlap” („ Distribution Form”)
After checking the company data, we will contact you and we can provide the opportunity that you as a reseller can buy at our online store in wholesale price.
If you have any questions, please contact us the above contact information available.












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